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what is guest who...


                                           Based in Llantwit Major,

                              20 miles away from Cardiff – the capital of

                           Wales. Guest Who is the result of what happened when

                    the two above went to a wedding and used a photo booth. Yes, they

                 had fun, and yes, they went again and again, but boy was it crammed.

               We couldn’t breathe, there was no room to stand, the booth was ugly

             (personal opinion) and there were no decent props! We got one picture, and

             that didn’t capture the fun that we had. Fast forward a few months and Guest

            Who was born. In a nutshell we provide a lightweight, pop-up mobile studio, a

           fresh alternative to the usual photo booths - no more badly cropped, struggling for

           air situations. With our handmade backdrops which are, yes wide enough to

           accommodate large groups of people (the record being 50), vintage and hand crafted

            props (all fully customisable at your request), our ‘Guest Who’  experience can

              compliment the look of your wedding, party, christening, anniversary, events….

               anything you can think of really!

                   Guest Who prides itself on providing more than just a

                    snapshot of your guests, encouraging images full of

                      warmth, laughter and personality. Check out our

                                         gallery to see what we mean.


Meet Dylan… He is a qualified photographer and during his days, he loves to teach others the great art of capturing light through

these magical machines that we know

as cameras.


Away from his camera, Dylan

can be found in his second home

(the shed at the bottom of our

garden). As a trained carpenter

he can spend hours whittling

wood, a skill which is most handy

when it comes to us having unique

handmade goodies in our prop-box!


Dylan is the technical one. We are both perfectionists when it comes to the booth, but I like to make things look pretty so I leave him to sweat the small stuff!


Leanne… Jack of all trades… master of all;   seamstress, fine artist, photographer, graphic

        designer and one hell of a cook.

            Leanne is the look behind Guest Who,

                 whether out sourcing or making

                  props, backdrops with meters

                    and meters of fabric and

                     answering the Guest Who

                      phone, because I am too

                      scared to, she greases Guest

                      Who’s cogs like a fine oil and

                     she also makes a damm fine

                   cup of coffee.


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